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Downtime List

The downtime section is available in the  COGZ Web Based CMMS Optional Downtime Module and allows manual tracking of downtime for equipment.

Web Based CMMS Downtime List

The Web Based CMMS downtime list provides a place to enter and track downtime for equipment using our pm software.

Downtime Form

Web Based CMMS Downtime Form

Equipment No: Number for the equipment for which you would like to record downtime.

Line: Line assigned to the specified piece of equipment.

Date: Date downtime occurred.

Time: Time downtime occurred.

Year-Week: Week number of the current year.

Category: Offers five categories for which to assign hours of downtime. Category names may be specified in the System Defaults Form, Downtime tab.

Reason: Reason for the occurrence of downtime.

Repairs: Repairs performed during downtime.