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Creating COGZ Maintenance Software Preventive Maintenance Tasks Using the PM Wizard

The easiest method to create a new COGZ Maintenance Software PM Task from scratch is to scan the PM Task Library List and automatically add the desired tasks to your equipment using the PM Wizard.


PM Wizard

The COGZ Maintenance Software PM Wizard creates equipment PM tasks utilizing the PM Standard Task Library. By following the on screen prompts, you can select existing equipment or create new equipment. Next, the PM Library creates the PM Tasks. This schedule can be viewed by pressing the PM Tasks Tab on the Equipment List.

Find the PM Wizard option in the Equipment Menu and follow the steps given by the system.


CMMS Preventive Maintenance Wizard Step 1

Step 1 introduces you to the PM Wizard and its function


CMMS Preventive Maintenance Wizard Step 2

Step 2 allows you to choose the piece of equipment for which you will create the PM Tasks.

You can select this piece of equipment from the Equipment list, which can be accessed by the dropdown button, or you can create a new piece of equipment using the Add New Equipment button


CMMS Preventive Maintenance Wizard Step 3

Step 3 marks each task that needs to be performed on this piece of equipment. The list of tasks is from the PM Standard Task Library. Mark tasks as required.


CMMS Preventive Maintenance Wizard Step 4

Step 4 is the last step the PM Wizard needs to perform to create your PM tasks. This will create a whole new set of PM Tasks, which can be found and modified in the PM Tasks List Tab of the Equipment List. Press the finish button and you will be brought back to Step 1 where the process can be continued on any additional pieces of equipment until your PM Task Database is complete.


CMMS Preventive Maintenance Tasks Tab, Equipment List

The changes made to the PM Tasks are visible in the PM Task Tab of the equipment list.