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Creating COGZ Equipment Maintenance Software Preventive Maintenance Tasks Manually

Equipment Maintenance Software Preventive Maintenance Task Manual Setup


Equipment List: Start your creation of a new task with the COGZ Equipment Maintenance Software Equipment List. From here you will select the piece of equipment for which you would like to create the preventive maintenance task. If the equipment is not already in the equipment list you will need to add a new piece of equipment using the Equipment Maintenance Software Equipment Form.


PM Tasks Tab: After highlighting the appropriate piece of equipment choose the PM Tasks Tab. This is where the list of tasks can be viewed. Press the Add button to add a new task. This will take you to the PM Task Form.


PM Task Form: The PM Task Form is used to create individual tasks for each piece of equipment. The system will automatically create a sequential task number that you can override if you would like to reorganize the tasks in a different sequence than entered. The most important field in this form is the Standard Procedure field. This is where you will enter the task you would like to be performed. You may access the PM Standard Task Library by pressing the drop down button, or you can type the first few letters of the procedure into the box. That will prompt the library to give you a matching procedure. You may also choose to enter your PM Tasks manually. You will want to use this method when the task required is not utilized on multiple pieces of equipment. Simply enter the desired task into the description field. After all desired fields are entered, click the Save button to add the task to the PM Task List.


PM Standard Task Library: A collection of pre-defined Preventive Maintenance tasks. You may add or modify these tasks as necessary. After selection, you will be returned to the PM Task Form and the information will be automatically entered. You can add or change any additional information, but not the description, because that is linked to the original Library Task. This powerful feature allows you to make global changes to all of your PM Tasks simply by changing the PM Standard Task Library description. This feature is only for use on tasks that are utilized for multiple pieces of equipment.


PM Tasks Tab: Once you have created a new preventive maintenance task, you can view the changes in the preventive maintenance tasks tab of the Equipment List.

Repeat this process as many times as necessary until your entire preventive maintenance task database is built.