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Creating COGZ Equipment Preventive Maintenance Tasks


There are three ways to create Preventive Maintenance tasks for equipment.  Your Predictive Maintenance system's stage of development will determine the appropriate method to use.


1.        Tasks can be manually entered from the Equipment/PM Task List.

2.        The PM Wizard can be used to quickly move tasks from the PM Standard Task Library to the equipment.

3.        The Equipment Copy Form can be used to copy equipment PM Tasks from an existing piece of equipment. As equipment is added to your PM System, you will find that this will become the most widely used method of creating new PM tasks as there will almost always be a piece of equipment that closely matches the equipment for which PM Tasks are being created.


The PM System can be rapidly setup by creating standard equipment:

Standard equipment should contain generic tasks that can then be copied to real equipment numbers. The tasks that do not apply can then be deleted. Example: Create a conveyor that has all the conveyor tasks that you need to perform maintenance on all of the conveyors in your facility. Copy this standard conveyor to other conveyors and delete the tasks that do not apply.

This method has 3 important advantages

1.        Creates PM system rapidly.

2.        Reduces errors in typing.

3.        Reduces errors in setting up preventive maintenance tasks caused by leaving out important tasks.