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COGZ Facilities Management Software Cost Tracking

COGZ Facilities Management Software can be setup in different ways, depending on your purchase order or inventory issued cost tracking needs.

Purchase Order Cost:

You can use the Facilities Management Software Purchase Order information to keep track of budget costs for your maintenance department. With the Optional Purchasing Enhancement Module you can simply run a report to check the expenditure for your purchases. The Purchase Order Cost Report can be used to obtain the total cost of your purchases through a specified date range. You can also choose whether you want completed, uncompleted, or both for your purchase orders. This report can be used to keep track of your total expenditures to make sure you are not going over budget. This is the simplest way of keeping track of your inventory purchasing cost. If you are setting up COGZ as a true inventory system, then you will need to look at the next section.

Inventory Issued Cost:

If you are using COGZ Facilities Management Software to maintain a true inventory, there are several steps to take to make sure all of your program data is updated and accurate. In order to use this function, you would need to have the Optional Inventory Enhancement Module and the Optional Purchasing Enhancement Module. This can be timely, but if you are planning on completely maintaining your inventory, this is the way to do it. It is recommended you follow these steps to ensure your inventory is correct:

Create purchase orders for inventory parts needed for restocking. To simplify this, you can create purchase orders for inventory items below the minimum quantity needed on-hand by using the Generate Reorder Entry List and Report. Then use the Reorder Entry List to create and automatically add your purchase orders for reordering to your Purchase Order List.

When your receive your parts, you will need to receive your purchase orders that were used to order these inventory parts. This will update your inventory on-hand.

Once you have your updated inventory, you will need to issue the inventory to your specified pieces of equipment to update that information when you run your preventive maintenance work order generation. This will allow you to maintain complete control over your inventory stock.

You can also obtain cost information by using the Issue Inventory Report to know your inventory expenditures on parts being used for facility work.