Maintenance Software Information Page


PM Software Information Page

COGZ Maintenance Software Computer System Requirements

COGZ will run on any Microsoft Windows platform. We recommend Windows 2000 and above because of operating system reliability.

Fixed disk space free as large as your largest data file, typically 10 to 20 megabytes.


As COGZ Maintenance Software becomes part of your daily operation, you will begin to wonder how you ever operated without it. For this reason, we cannot overemphasize the importance of backing up your data. If a problem occurs in your hardware or software a current backup is essential to restore your programs and data. Backups allow you to return to normal operation as soon as the failure is corrected.

We recommend regularly backing up your COGZ Maintenance PM Software and having two or three complete backup sets that can be rotated. With this rotation, if a system error occurs that is corrupting or damaging your data, you will not be writing over the good information on your previous set of backups with corrupt data. We also suggest that a set of backups be kept in a location away from the computer, off-site. In the event that something should happen to the computer you will have the ability to get a system up and running with this backup. A backup should be made any time data is changed, normally on a daily basis.

Many computer users neglect to start a good backup routine until critical data is lost. We encourage you to get into the habit of making backups to avoid this potential disaster.

A backup utility is included in your COGZ System for easy access. See the File section of this manual for more information on backup.

COGZ Maintenance Software also offers a backup upon opening of the program if there has been no previous backup made, or it has not been made recently within the last day. This message serves to remind you to backup your system so you can be sure that you can restore in case something happens. It is recommended that this message is not ignored since it will enable you to resolve any problems that might occur in the event something happens to your computer. Selecting Backup will bring you to the Backup Database Files menu. The backup file will automatically be labeled with today’s date and the time of the backup.

Maintenance Software Backup Reminder