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Close Completed CMMS Work Orders

CMMS Close Completed Work Orders

The COGZ CMMS Close Completed Work Orders process is used to enter completed work orders into the system.  Entering completed work orders will update the preventive maintenance reliability database and all of the cost and history systems.  The most important functions of this procedure is to update the preventive maintenance database to reflect the most recent completion of preventive maintenance tasks and to clear completed CMMS work orders from the work order system.

Change PM Standard Estimated Times to “Task Time” as Tasks are Completed?: This feature automatically transfers the Estimated Time to the estimated PM task time upon completion of the task.

Additional Parts and Labor?: This box is checked by default. Every time a work order is closed you will be asked if you would like to add additional parts and labor. Removing the check from this box will tell the system not to ask these two questions and will reduce the amount of time it takes to close each work order.

Work Order No: The number of the work order that you want to enter as completed. This is a required field. If you do not know the correct number, pressing the lookup button provides access to the Work Order List. Once the work order number is entered, the computer will generate applicable information into other fields.

Date Done: The date this task or work order was completed.

Task Time: The time the task took to complete in decimal hours. If you want to use the systems capabilities to report on estimated task time versus actual time, you must enter actual times taken for each task. The screen will display the estimated time for your review. A decimal hour chart has been included in the Appendix.

Last Hour Done and Last Mile Done fields will only be displayed if you have scheduled preventive maintenance tasks by those items.

Last Hour Done: If scheduled by hours, this is the current hours that the task was completed. You will be required to enter a last hour done if this is the manner in which you have scheduled this task in the PM section.

Last Mile Done: If scheduled by miles, this is the current miles that the task was completed. You will be required to enter a last mile done if this is the manner in which you have scheduled this task in the PM section.

If the task is scheduled by meters and uses fixed days as a backup when you close the work order the last fixed done will not be incremented. A reminder will pop up on your screen when you close this type of work order.

Task Comment: Work order comments can be added when closing work orders. Each complete task can have its own comment. For additional task comment space you may click on the note icon to the right of the task comment field.

CMMS Close Completed Work Orders Task Comment

Employee: The initials or code of the employee that completed this task.

Rate of Pay: The hourly rate of pay at which this task was completed. This information will be hidden from the view if the system security is set up and turned on and if the logged in user does not have access to employee pay rate information.

Total Time: The total actual time it took to complete all tasks

Completion Buttons

COGZ allows partial Work Order completion. This powerful feature allows you to let the computer reschedule any uncompleted tasks, so you can concentrate on other more important things.

Back: This button appears if you are accessing the Close Completed Work Orders menu from the Quick Close menu. Click this button to return to the Quick Close menu.

Close All: Closes all tasks included in the selected work order.

Close Highlighted Item: Pressing this button will complete only the highlighted task.

When all of the tasks on a work order are processed you will be asked if you want to:

Keep Work Order Open?: Answering No will complete and close this work order. If you want to add additional work to this work order leave it open by answering Yes. PM work orders will always be closed when all tasks are completed.

CMMS Work Order Completion Message

Once you have completed the Keep work order open section, you will be asked if you want to:

Issue Additional Parts?: Answering Yes will pop-up the Inventory Issue Form allowing you to issue inventory from the Inventory Issue Form. You must issue any parts that need to be attached to this work order, even if they have already been committed to the work order.

CMMS Work Order Completion Add Parts Message

Once you have completed the Additional Parts section, you will be asked if you want to:

Add Additional Labor?: Answering Yes allows you to add labor that may not have been scheduled to this work order. In order to add this labor, a window will pop-up which will allow you to fill in the necessary fields. Answer No if no additional labor is to be entered.

CMMS Work Order Completion Add Labor Message


Issue Inventory Form

CMMS Issue Inventory Form

Equipment and work order number will automatically be entered after closing a work order. See the Inventory section for additional information.

Close Highlighted Item

By pressing this button you will close only the preventive maintenance task that is highlighted in the task screen. All other tasks will remain open.

Add Additional Labor

This button allows you to add additional labor to the tasks being closed out.

CMMS Add Additional Labor

Enter the employee name and the additional time the task required. The system will automatically enter the date and the rate of pay for that employee.