Speed and Ease of Use Features found throughout COGZ CMMS

Speed and Ease of Use are the key ingredients in all COGZ CMMS Software features. These features are so important because CMMS software that actually makes the job easier will be implemented and used. In addition, these features translate into productivity enhancing benefits for you, your department, and your company.

There is no better way to experience the great COGZ design and the benefits it brings than to download and start using COGZ EZ with your own data. As a matter of fact, that’s really the ONLY way to select software!

Experience for yourself the features highlighted below.

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COGZ CMMS Software stands alone when it comes to user friendly operation. Some of the must have general features include:

•System Security
•Easily Expandable
•Simple Setup
•Built in Backup and Restore
•Grows with you!


COGZ CMMS includes the following features which enable you to keep track of ongoing work with a minimum of effort:

•Preventive Maintenance Wizard
•Copy Options
•Standard Task Library
•Generate Preventive Maintenance Work Orders
•Work Order List


With the following COGZ CMMS features you can easily see how well you and your staff are keeping up. Have the information at your fingertips to effectively manage your maintenance department.

•Work Order Reminder
•Cost Tracking
•Staff Assignments
•Inventory Maintenance
•Purchase Order Status


COGZ CMMS helps by providing the information to allow you to quickly reduce excessive maintenance efforts and reduce time users spend on work order documentation.

•Customizable Lists
•Sort, Query, Filter and Find
•Import & Export Utilities
•Menu Bar and Toolbar
•Query Wizard

COGZ CMMS Software can be effectively utilized as essentially any type of maintenance software you need, including: building maintenance software, facility maintenance software, fleet maintenance software, plant maintenance software, vehicle maintenance software, affordable educational facility maintenance software, heavy equipment maintenance software, electrical preventive maintenance software, hospital CMMS software, hotel maintenance software, and many others.

Additional Feature Details

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