Additional Features

CMMS Additional Features Ease of Use Details

The key features of COGZ CMMS Software are speed and ease of use. Please click on the links below to get a first-hand look at the powerful, yet simple, tools COGZ offers.

Easy to Use Features

Menu Bar and Toolbar

The top Menu Bar provides full access to all of COGZ capabilities. The adjacent Toolbar Buttons allow quick access to the most commonly utilized sections of COGZ CMMS Software.

List View

The List is a major feature that sets COGZ CMMS Software apart from other maintenance management systems. With this List, you can see many records at the same time.

Individual Tabs

The individual Tabs are sub-lists that relate to the current highlighted record in the COGZ CMMS Software.


COGZ CMMS Software offers the Sort feature. This allows you to sort by any column contained in any list in the preventive maintenance software simply by clicking on the desired column header.


This feature simplifies searching for records in a very large database.

Text Filter

The Filter will search all of your records and display only the records that match your criteria.

Customizable Lists

Any list in the COGZ CMMS Software can be modified to display information that fits your specific maintenance software needs.

Query Wizard

The COGZ CMMS Software Query Wizard allows you to easily create savable queries. You now have customizable access to your data.


This enables you to customize the maintenance software for your individual program users.

Backup and Restore Utilities

COGZ CMMS Software comes with a built-in backup and restore utility.


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Ease of Setup Features

Import and Export Utilities

COGZ CMMS Software comes with a built-in Import and Export utility.

Preventive Maintenance (PM) Task Library

The built-in library of proven preventive maintenance tasks, the results of years of maintenance experience, is available for your use.

Preventive Maintenance (PM) Wizard

Setting up a maintenance management system with the COGZ EZ preventive maintenance wizard is faster and easier than ever before.

Equipment Copy

The Copy Equipment Form allows you to copy preventive maintenance tasks from one piece of equipment (number) to another, greatly reducing setup time and insuring consistency with your equipment maintenance.

*With COGZ preventive maintenance software, you can easily maintain control of your maintenance department.

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