Network Software

Floating/Concurrent License:

The COGZ network software is a floating/concurrent license and only limits “how many users are actually in the program at the same time,” not how many computers COGZ can be installed on.  For example, if users just need to lookup information or request a work order, you will need very few network licenses, keeping your costs down. You can have access to COGZ CMMS Software from any location within your network.

Installation is Fast and Easy:

Load COGZ CMMS Software onto your server (or any computer that will be used as a server), and create a shortcut on your computer desktop and your ready to run COGZ.  Setting up COGZ takes only minutes and upgrades are effortless because all files are located in one place.

The COGZ Network Software is Small and Fast:

COGZ is fast and the network installation takes only 40 megabytes of disk space.  It will operate on any network system that can serve files to users’ Windows computers.

Work Order Request:

Work order requests can be input at any location and are available for instant review by your maintenance department.  The COGZ built-in security system prevents unauthorized access to your valuable data.


CMMS Software