If you have any questions not answered on the COGZ CMMS Software Web site please contact us:

Email: sales@cogz.com   Phone: 203-263-7882   Fax: 203-263-7885

What are the System Requirements?

COGZ Maintenance Management Software will run on any computer running any current version of Windows.  Click for Detailed System Requirements.

How do I place an order?

Purchase orders are accepted! When you are ready to order, call us or send your order via email or fax.  Please include the following: Bill To and Ship To contact information such as address, email, and phone number. You will be invoiced.
Click here for CMMS Order Form   Call: 203-263-7882   Fax: 203-263-7885   Email: sales@cogz.com

How long is my evaluation period?

30 days

Can I use the data that I entered into the evaluation program when I purchase?

Yes, no data is lost when you purchase or upgrade COGZ.

Is there a limit of equipment I can put into COGZ EZ?

There are no preset limits.

Is training available?

One of the best features of COGZ is that it requires very little training to operate, but if desired, full training is available both onsite or online.  Most customers take advantage of our ninety day free trial of the Update and Support Plan which will enable you to receive help, if needed, with implementation via phone or email at no cost.

Can I import/export my existing data?

Importing can be accomplished using the built-in COGZ import/export utility that allows you to map our data fields and import your data via common text files.

Is COGZ EZ Network ready?

Yes, with the help of the optional Network Enabling Module, COGZ CMMS Software can run in any network environment.  Our network installation does not require a backend database program.  Network installation is accomplished by simply creating space on your file server and creating shortcuts to the COGZ executable on the machines that you want to access the program.

Can I access the COGZ data with other programs or report writers?

The COGZ database is open and you can use an ODBC driver to access the data with any ODBC compliant Windows program (i.e., Excel).

Are CAD drawings supported in COGZ?

Yes, COGZ supports standard Windows graphic files and with a CAD Module most computer aided drafting files are also supported.

Do you offer Bar Coding?

Yes, with the help of the optional Bar Code Module which will enable you to utilize bar codes for Inventory, Purchase Orders, and Work Orders.