CMMS Software Steps to Implementing!

CMMS Implementation and Maintenance Training

This CMMS Maintenance Management Conference information discusses the design, implementation, and benefits of CMMS and Preventive Maintenance Software in outline format. Click here for additional information about these subjects.

In-House or Consultants?

  • A consultant can be used for the initial setup, if desired, but sooner or later your operating personnel must learn how to use and update their system.
  • If your maintenance department does not believe in and understand the system, you may hear the familiar excuse that “there was no time to do preventative maintenance.”
  • Even the simplest preventive maintenance tasks can prevent minor problems from developing into major breakdowns.
  • Get your maintenance department involved from the beginning!
  • Consultants can play a part in the initial setup of the system, but do not expect them to fully implement a system.

Staffing Requirements:

  • The staff needed to operate the system depends mainly on the size of your department and how much information must be entered and processed.
  • A CMMS system will require less time to operate than a manual system, but doing either will require some time.
  • No matter how it is accomplished, there will be more time available to department personnel when breakdowns are reduced!

Coding System for Your Maintenance Personnel:

  • When setting up a coding system, try to use meaningful codes that will be easy to remember.
  • Many times the machine codes will be setup to conform to the accounting systems at the facility.  Do this only if necessary.
  • Do not forget your main objective for installing this system.
  • You do not want your mechanics hunting through lists of codes that mean nothing to them.

*Remember; if it is easy to use, it will be successful.

Building Your Database, the Heart of Your System:

It is common to underestimate the importance of the database.  This is where all information will be stored detailing your operation.  Database implementation can progress rapidly with the help of the copy equipment function and the standard PM task library.  Using these methods, you can rapidly setup your preventive maintenance database.

Time Required to Fully Implement the System:

  • Setup of the database can happen rapidly.  Preventive Maintenance tasks can be added easily.  Use of the system can begin after the first entry; there is no need to wait until all equipment and PM tasks are included.
  • Speed of implementation should increase as your system is used due to a reduction in emergency work that will allow more time to be dedicated to system setup.