Web Based CMMS Work Order Request Options

Web Based CMMS Work Order Request Options

Requests to perform maintenance related work come from many sources, in many different forms.  Accurately tracking phone calls, hand written notes, and drive by hallway requests is nearly impossible without some form of automation.  Properly recording and processing of these work order requests is essential for a well run maintenance department. Web Based CMMS Work Order Request solutions would seem optimal for this situation.

The internet is a multifaceted entity that allows communications anywhere in the world by a requester on a  computer with Internet access.  Web Based CMMS Work Order Requests can, therefore, offer several different options based on this capability.  Use of any of these options does not necessarily rule out others.  In fact, the ability to use the right option for the particular user’s situation is one of the benefits of this flexibility.  These options include:

Network Interface

A typical networked based CMMS system provides convenient, easy to use, work order request functions for users on a local network (LAN).  These include entering the request into the CMMS software, allowing the maintenance administrator to easily convert the request into a work order, or, if appropriate, denying the request.  It also allows for monitoring of the request so the user can see the progress without direct interaction with the maintenance department.

Work Order Request Network Application

A separate work order request application on a networked system offers the above functionality while limiting  access to the CMMS Software.  This allows full work order request features, but restricts other areas to reduce opportunity for errors.

Email Interface

Another simple way the internet can facilitate web based CMMS work order requests is through the use of email.  While an email does document the request, a separate entry into the CMMS Software is required to make it more useful.  COGZ CMMS software offers an email option for its network Work Order Request Module that enables automatic email flow-through, eliminating duplication of effort.

Web Based CMMS Interface

A traditional web based CMMS software program, however, is also accessible from anywhere.  Wherever the user is, the software functions the same.  This option tends to be slower and more cumbersome than the other options listed above.  An exception to these drawbacks is the relatively new Web Based CMMS Hosting Service.  Web Based CMMS Hosting Services make working on the internet (WAN) seem like you are on a local terminal on a Local Area Network (LAN).  This is a very efficient way to service both local and remote locations.


Companies looking for web based CMMS work order requests have a wide variety of options available to them.  The final selection should carefully consider the functionality, overall cost, and, most of all, ease of use.  If the system is not used, none of the above really matters! While the web based CMMS software might be ideal in a few cases, the networked CMMS software program which includes some or all of the above features and options is the best choice for most companies.

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