Vehicle Maintenance Software Savings for You & Your Company

Vehicle Maintenance Software – Savings for You & Your Company!

A major goal of Vehicle Maintenance Software is, obviously, to keep track of the maintenance requirements of your fleet of vehicles.  Not always as obvious, though, is the fact that structured, reliable maintenance practices quickly lead to significant time and cost savings for you and your company. When you are not able to keep ahead of vehicle maintenance, costly problems arise.  Let’s look at some of the savings frequently realized after installing Vehicle Maintenance Software.

Downtime/Lost Availability

One of the primary reasons you have a fleet is to make sure your staff has the right vehicle available at the right time, whether you’re moving people, freight, equipment or mountains.  What is the cost when a vehicle is not available as scheduled?  The answer could be as simple as the cost of a taxi ride, or as costly as a lost order due to a missed sales call, an order cancelled due to late delivery, or idle production workers when material is not available on time.  In addition, short term rentals of replacement vehicles usually runs much higher than the vehicle it is replacing – which is why you have a fleet in the first place.  High rates of vehicle availability keep disruptions to a minimum and reduce costs .

Labor Costs

When vehicles are maintained properly, maintenance staff requirements tend to be more predictable.  Overtime for urgent repairs are minimized, as is lost production time (which, again, requires production overtime to catch up).  As maintenance demand increases, so does the tendency to bring in outside resources to help with the overload.  These resources, again, are at a premium compared to in house staff, adding additional costs to the already overburdened budget.

Vehicle Replacement

Vehicles that have not been maintained on schedule not only require additional unscheduled maintenance, but also wear out faster.  Premature replacement of a vehicle is another budget buster.  Compare the cost of unplanned replacement of a vehicle to that of implementing Vehicle Maintenance Software, available for less than $1,000.00.  Suddenly the Vehicle Maintenance Software option is looking very attractive.

Replacement Parts

There is, of course, nothing more annoying than to have a vehicle sitting in a bay for routine maintenance and not having the appropriate part available.  A useful option of Vehicle Maintenance Software is the ability to automatically track parts used in routine maintenance.  With little additional effort, spare parts can be monitored and stocked in appropriate quantities.  This results in inventory savings as well as eliminating the part not available scenario.

Management Time

Another area where you could probably use more resources is your own time!  Managing a vehicle maintenance department, as you know, puts a great deal of demand on your time. One of the best savings offered by Vehicle Maintenance Software is the reduced amount of time it takes for you to get control of your department.  Keeping track of vehicles and staff becomes a part time occupation as opposed to a full time job.  This enables you to spend time planning and improving, instead of just fighting fires.

As you can see, Vehicle Maintenance Software provides significant savings in multiple areas for yourself, your department and your company.  When compared to the cost of implementing a simple, easy to use software package such as COGZ EZ, it seems imperative to get started as soon as possible.

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