Vehicle Maintenance Software – Manage Vehicles and Tasks

Vehicle Maintenance Software – Manage a Wide Variety of Vehicles and Tasks

Does your company need Vehicle Maintenance Software?  After all, it’s easy to maintain our personal cars; all we have to do is remember to look at the sticker on the window to know when to schedule the next oil change.  It’s not as easy, however, to remember when to rotate the tires, replace the wiper blades, or have the transmission serviced.  Oh yes, and, when was the last time we checked our tire pressure?  Even the relatively simple preventive maintenance item of proper tire inflation, as you know, is a vital step in maintaining gas mileage, increasing vehicle safety, and reducing tire wear. That’s just considering our relatively small fleet of family vehicles.

At work, as the number of vehicles increases, the workload increases dramatically.  Vehicle Maintenance Software becomes a required part of our management toolset.  Managing a large number of vehicles, or even a small number of different types of vehicles, quickly becomes a management nightmare as the number of parts, services, and maintenance requirements multiply.

Vehicle Maintenance Software makes tracking mileage, or operating hours, for your fleet a simple and straightforward process.  Once the tracking process is implemented, the software routinely reports on upcoming required vehicle maintenance.  It can even check to make sure the elapsed time is not exceeded (for those time/mileage specifications such as “every 3 months or 6,000 miles, whichever comes first”).  Optional modules allow you to enter mileage automatically from data you probably already capture on a spreadsheet, making the process even easier.


The above example of a Purchase Order for Vehicle Preventive Maintenance by an outside vendor shows how easy it is to record and track expenses.

Need to keep track vehicles that rarely, if ever, come in-house?  Need to refer these vehicles to outside vendors for maintenance?  Vehicle Maintenance Software such as COGZ EZ makes these tasks manageable.  With COGZ you can update mileage, produce preventive maintenance (and other) work orders, and, optionally, email the work orders directly to the maintenance resource,  Vehicle Maintenance just got manageable.

Of course, it’s difficult to manage a function without facts and figures.  Vehicle Maintenance Software provides information on all your vehicles as well as other departmental resources including labor, inventory, purchase orders and more, allowing you to properly manage your resources.

Vehicle Maintenance Software Equipment Form Maintenance Cost

Equipment Form provides easy access to vehicle cost history.

As you can see, Vehicle Maintenance Software is a powerful aid to managing a fleet of company vehicles.  With this tool, the multiple maintenance requirements of all vehicles can be managed with confidence.

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