Preventive Maintenance – Software and Strategies Table of Contents

Preventive Maintenance on the Run Requirements

Review all the tasks you expect to complete, and determine the manpower requirements.

  • What talents are going to be required for the work that needs to be done? For instance, do you need a refrigeration or PLC expert? Are those talents available within the crew?
  • How many man-hours are required and are these man-hours available?
  • Consider using outside contractors to supplement your in house manpower. Make sure they are familiar with your operation.
  • Review scheduling to make sure the manpower is available during the period you want to do the service.

Equipment & Supplies

  1. Timesaving Products
  2. Centralize the Lube System
  3. Make a Portable Lube Center
  4. Re-outfit the Tool Boxes

Preventive Maintenance Software Supplies Requirements

  • Always be on the lookout for timesaving equipment or new products that will save time. For instance, several varieties of chain lube for ovens are on the market including water base or synthetic that can be applied to an oven chain while it is still hot or even during production.
  • Think about installing systems that centralize or automate lubrication on large or difficult to reach systems or machinery. These systems can be as complex as a large mixer or pan cooler requiring 50 plus lubrication points. They can be as simple as extending a lubrication point to a safe location. Timing belts and pulleys in the place of chains and sprockets require less maintenance.
  • Building a portable lubrication center that contains all lubricants will prevent unnecessary trips back to the shop.
  • Re-outfit the mechanic’s toolboxes with a 1/2 inch steel plate on top with a 4” vise attached.

Increase in Productivity

The increase in Maintenance Productivity can be as high as 10%. That’s removing 10% of the preventive maintenance tasks that would normally be performed during the maintenance down time period and moving them to the production period. This increases your labor by 10%.

If we go through our calculations again this equates to adding 3 men to our work force of 30.  Preventive maintenance on the RUN Increase in Productivity On a Staff of 30 is like adding 3 men.

  • 3 persons x 2080 hrs x $25/hr = $156,000

Preventive Maintenance On The Run Summary

Preventive Maintenance – Software and Strategies Table of Contents

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