Predictive Maintenance Return on Investment

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Predictive Maintenance ROI

Why Predictive Failure Analysis?

  • As an addition to Preventive Maintenance programs
  • As an extra pair of eyes and ears that work endlessly
  • To prevent unplanned shutdowns.
  • To reduce the frequency of Preventive Maintenance tasks

What Can We Expect from Predictive Failure Analysis?

A lot, but it will only come with the partnership of the plant maintenance personnel in commissioning and working with such a system. You should:

  • Invest two half hour periods per week to review collected data and input any manually collected data.
  • Expect to invest one half hour period per week for the 1st few months to adjust and tune set points and thresholds.

Then you can expect less unplanned shutdowns.

Where Would You Apply It First?

  • Machines that are the most difficult to repair.
  • Machines that have expensive parts like $20,000 gearboxes.
  • Critical equipment like unloaders and loaders for ovens and proofers
  • Machines that would cause a bottle neck to production

What are the Costs Verses the Benefits?

The Costs:

  • Computer monitoring hardware & software $6,000
  • The programming and hardware for each Machine about $1,500 – $2,000

The Benefits:

  • The benefit of scheduling a shutdown for repairs, before you’re forced to do so.
  • Cost savings per downtime hour is $5-8,000 for a breadline, $12-16,000 for a high volume cookie line, and for a pastry line $16-24,000.

Predictive Maintenance Return on Investment

Bread Line Investment = $14,000

Predictive Maintennce Payback

Independent studies by the ISI (Institute for Scientific Information) have shown that predictive maintenance can reduce preventive maintenance tasks by 15% and have an overall effect on downtime of 1-2%. If we look at the additional productivity of a maintenance staff of 30, the calculations would be as follows:

Predictive Maintenance Return on Investment (ROI)

Lets look at the total possible capital improvement that could be made based on a staff of 30 men.

Predictive Maintenance Capital Improvement


Your Total Maintenance Integration Goal should be increasing maintenance productivity or Wrench Time by:

  • Planning and Scheduling Preventive Maintenance
  • Utilizing production hours to do maintenance on the run
  • Automating your diagnostics
  • Predicting Machine Breakdowns
  • Increasing your Maintenance Productivity to 55% or more.

Preventive Maintenance – Software and Strategies Table of Contents


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