Preventive Maintenance Keeps Costs from Skyrocketing

Flat Tire vs. Bearing Failure

Preventive Maintenance saves time and money.  The cost penalty for not doing Preventive Maintenance goes up as time goes on.  Most equipment does not fail immediately when it has not been maintained on a regular schedule.  It generally takes a significant amount of time to progress from when the parts begin to wear, the equipment shows signs of suffering, the operating costs increase, to when an actual failure occurs.

This gradual failure becomes more and more costly as the practice continues.  This can be illustrated by showing the steps involved in something as straightforward as a flat tire as compared to a bearing failure at your company!

Category/Cost $ Vehicle: Flat Tire Equipment: Bearing Failure
           PM Not Performed

Pressure Not Maintained

Bearing Not Greased

$         Excessive Parts Wear

Operating Temperature Rises, Excessive Tread Wear, Loss of Rigidity, Lower Gas Mileage

Operating Temperature Rises, Increased Bearing Wear, Excess Bearing Vibration, Increased Energy Costs

$$        Equipment Problems

Vehicle Handling Suffers, Reduced Speed, Increased Travel Time, Shorter Life Cycle

Quality Problems, Increase in Defective Parts, Production Slowed, Decreased Quantity Produced, Reduced Up Time

$$$      Breakdown

Premature Tire Failure, Trip Ruined

Premature Bearing Failure, Production Lost

$$$$   Emergency Maintenance

Maintenance Schedule Disrupted, Waiting for Cruiser and Flatbed, Waiting for Tire

Maintenance Staff Disrupted, No Time for Preventive Maintenance, Troubleshoot/Identify Problem,  Waiting for Part

$$$$$  Costs Skyrocket

Loss of Vehicle Use, Expedite Fees, Replacement Vehicle Costs, Anxiety Factor, Personal Overtime to Catch Up

Lost Income/Use of Equipment, Overnight Freight Costs, 24/7 Maintenance Effort x 3 Days, Angry/Alienated Customers, Production Overtime to Catch Up.

As can be seen from the above table, for a small investment in time and materials in the form of a properly executed Preventive Maintenance program, the reward is an extremely large return in the form of increased production, reduced energy and maintenance efforts, and best of all, a substantial increase in equipment reliability!

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