Fleet Maintenance Software – the Better Way

Fleet Maintenance Software is the answer if you are looking for a better way to deal with maintenance requirements for your fleet of cars, vans and/or trucks.  Keeping track of all the details can be an awesome task, even more so as the number of vehicles increases.  Fleet Maintenance Software enables you to gain control of your fleet maintenance process.  As an added benefit, full function Computerized Maintenance Management Software (CMMS) can also manage your company’s other maintenance needs.

Tracking Fleet Maintenance Requirements

Every vehicle has a list of recommended and required maintenance items, complete with miles and/or time intervals.  We know we need to make sure these requirements are met – both to ensure proper performance and vehicle life, as well as to comply with warranty restrictions.  Fleet Maintenance Software keeps track of these items.

In addition to the standard preventive maintenance items, occasional on demand requests must be documented and scheduled at the appropriate times.  Do you know when a vehicle will be in the service department next so you can make informed decisions?

How do you keep track of all these details?  A spreadsheet, card file or notebook list might help in the short run, but things get complicated quickly as the world of maintenance items increases.  Are you surprised when a vehicle in your fleet goes past the recommended maintenance point without proper attention?  How do you notify your staff, and outside vendors, when it’s time to work on a particular vehicle?  Fleet Maintenance Software can handle the internal and external work orders and required Purchase Orders.

Fleet Maintenance Software Details shown on Equipment List

The Equipment List shows all in one easy to access central location.  Tracking Fleet Maintenance information is as simple as clicking on the vehicle of interest.  Preventive Maintenance Tasks, Work Orders, Drawings and other Documents, and Inventory History are easily available for all your vehicles.

Do you need a simple way to communicate work orders, parts inventory, and past history for a vehicle to your staff?  Can your personnel look things up without taking your time and resources?  Fleet Maintenance Software enables you to publish the necessary information and make it available for all interested staff members.  It’s simple to keep everyone up to date.

General Company Maintenance

Fleet Maintenance Software utilizing COGZ offers additional benefits.  COGZ is a full function Computerized Maintenance Management Software which means you can also use it for your company’s other maintenance requirements.

Does your company need to track maintenance and work order requests for other equipment?  Whether it be manufacturing equipment, facility maintenance, or hotel rooms, your Fleet Maintenance Software can keep track of these items as well, making it even more useful, and easier to afford, as you split the cost among departments.

Fleet Maintenance Software is the better way to manage a fleet of vehicles.  It is also a great way to get a Preventive Maintenance software for other areas of your organization.  Preventive Maintenance is key to reducing costs and maintaining company assets.  Equipment performs better, lasts longer, and ultimately costs less to operate when properly maintained.

With Fleet Maintenance Software available for less than $1,000, it’s hard to justify NOT having it!  The fuel savings alone of proper fleet maintenance can repay the cost of the software in a very short time.


Fleet Maintenance Software is a valuable tool for tracking and controlling your vehicle maintenance requirements. Computerized Maintenance Management Software is also the better way to manage your company’s general maintenance functions.

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