Fleet Maintenance Management Software manages your Fleet

Fleet Maintenance Management Software Manages your Fleet AND your Department!

Fleet Maintenance Management Software is an indispensible tool for the tracking of required and recommended maintenance of your fleet of vehicles.  But equally important, Fleet Maintenance Management Software can also help you manage the day to day and long range planning aspect of your vehicle maintenance department.

Day to Day Management of a Fleet Maintenance Department is a demanding job

Fleet Maintenance Management Software helps you manage your Fleet Maintenance requirements.  Just as important, your Fleet Maintenance Management Software also helps you manage the other details of your department.  These include staff management, department reporting, management reporting, as well as personnel scheduling.  How much easier is your job if you have a good handle on staff requirements to accomplish the jobs at hand?

Fleet Maintenance Managers must be able to produce accurate and timely reports for their own use and, of course, for company management.  An additional value of the Fleet Maintenance Management Software tool is the ability to report, in multiple ways, on the information entered in the normal course of your day to day operations.  Management reporting gets a lot easier when you have documented information enabling you to drill down into your departments operations for specific details.

Fleet Maintenance Management Software Estimated PM Hours Report

The PM Estimated Hours by Assigned To Report, available in the optional Equipment Enhancement Module, shows staff allocations for preventive maintenance tasks for 12 months.  You can use this information to balance your staffing requirements to avoid surprises.

Planning and Budgeting for a Fleet Maintenance Department is a Demanding Job

Fleet Maintenance Management Software helps out when you are planning and budgeting for your next fiscal year.  Nobody has a perfectly calibrated crystal ball, but detailed information on recent activities goes a long way to taking the guesswork out of budgeting.  Short and long term perspectives – How do you plan for the longer term? Do you have the data you need to forecast staffing, costs, vehicles required?  Do you have the backup you need when Management asks you to justify your requests?  Can you point to the savings produced by your department when Preventive Maintenance is performed as directed, on a routine basis?

Fleet Maintenance Management Software Work Order Summary Reports

The Work Order Summary Hours Report, shown above, available in the optional Work Order Enhancement Module of the COGZ Fleet Maintenance Management Software, shows equipment maintenance history for requested time period.  You can use this information to forecast your future staffing requirements using the most reliable information available.

These are just some of the features available in a good fleet maintenance management software system  Check out the rest for the full story.  You can actually download and run an evaluation version of the popular COGZ EZ Fleet Maintenance Management Software to see how well it functions in your department.  There has never been a better time to implement this tool.

Software Tool Makes the Demands of your Maintenance Department Manageable

As you can see, Fleet Maintenance Management Software is an indispensable aid in managing your Fleet Maintenance Department.  The software can ease the burden of Maintenance Management as well as the Vehicle Maintenance aspects of the manager’s responsibilities.

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