Does COGZ CMMS Software Work For My Company?

Does COGZ Work For My Company Type?

Question: Do I need specialized CMMS software?

Answer:  COGZ CMMS Software is specialized for maintenance department requirements.  The size and type of company make less of a difference than the quality and capability of the CMMS software itself.  When you look at the details, having software that is comprehensive, yet easy to use, is the defining criteria when searching for CMMS Software.  Designed by maintenance specialists for maintenance specialists, the variety of COGZ Software’s vast Customer List is testimony to its success at meeting the needs of maintenance departments everywhere.

Question: What benefits can I expect from a COGZ CMMS software implementation?

Answer:  The benefits of implementing CMMS software come in many differing areas, depending on your operational requirements.  Some of the key benefits promoted by good CMMS software are as follows:

  • A comprehensive preventive maintenance program (PM) for your equipment that means fewer breakdowns
  • A fully documented work order system that allows you to readily identify problem areas before they become emergencies.
  • An accurate inventory system that helps avoid the time consuming searching for parts, which may or may not be in stock.  At the same time the system notifies you when you need to reorder active items.
  • A purchase order system that helps you keep track of when parts are due or overdue.
  • A work order request system that lets users enter the critical information you need while documenting their request – saving you time, energy, and frequent discussions.

Question: Are there any cost saving benefits to be gained by implementing COGZ CMMS software?

Answer:  There are many cost saving aspects to a properly implemented CMMS software.  (For complete details check our article on Return on Investment.)

  • The importance, and cost savings, of a preventive maintenance program cannot be overstated.  The savings of proper maintenance tend to multiply; equipment that does not break down does not interfere with daily operations.  Smoother running daily operations means less money and productivity lost.
  • Having the ability to maintain a proper inventory mix, at the proper levels, saves inventory dollars. Having the part you need in inventory, as opposed to 6 weeks away, means saving time and money in downtime, rush orders, substitute equipment, overtime, etc.
  • Another benefit is that your CMMS software implementation makes your operation manageable.  Imagine the cost savings when you are able to spend your time managing instead of fighting fires!

CMMS software gives you the tools to manage your maintenance operation in an efficient and organized manner!

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