CMMS Success is the most important consideration!

CMMS Success

What defines a successful CMMS software installation?  Some think CMMS software success means getting the software installed on a corporate server or local workstation.  Software installation, however, is not really your goal, is it?  You want a system that will save your company time and money.  CMMS success means your maintenance people are  using the system for their everyday work, creating a solid partnership of CMMS software and your maintenance staff.  It is this partnership that produces the real benefits!

If you are actively looking at the many software programs available, you probably realize that selecting the proper system is a critical step for CMMS success.  But selecting is actually the easy part.  No matter how many bells and whistles a system has, it will only bring CMMS success if they are easy to use, obvious in their functionality, and genuinely ease the workload.  This may exhibit itself in the form of less paperwork to fill out and file, better information on parts required and associated inventory status, or easy access to equipment maintenance history and specifications.  Most importantly, the system cannot even appear to get in the way of the required work!  It must be exceedingly easy to use and implement.

How do you ensure CMMS success?  One of the most important factors is the involvement of your staff in the decision to move up to a CMMS software.  Are they aware of the benefits afforded by a CMMS system?  Do they believe computers mean trouble and extra work?  A demonstration of the benefits of a simple, easy to use system can ensure CMMS success.

Buy in by your staff, and your management, assures success!  Features are important, cost is important, options and support are important – and should all be part of your research, but having the staff on your side is critical!  Having management understand the benefit to their bottom line, and the quick return on investment (ROI), is important so that you get the prompt approvals necessary for the purchase.

A good CMMS system will let you implement quickly.  Install the software, select an area, department or staff member that is anxious to get going, and begin using the system immediately!  Once it is running, the other areas will want to get on board when they see how well it is working for others.  If a system will not let you implement in this simple manner, it is not the user friendly system you need.

Ensure your CMMS success – get the staff on board and make life better for all.

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CMMS Success