Computerized Maintenance Management – How Large a System to Purchase

Computerized Maintenance Management – How Large A System to Purchase?

Question:  As a key step in making our maintenance department more efficient, I am starting to look for Computerized Maintenance Management Software.  The first question that comes to mind involves the size and capability of the application.  There are a wide variety of Computerized Maintenance Management options available, how do I decide what features and modules are right for my company?

Answer:  Congratulations on making the decision to add Computerized Maintenance Management to your maintenance department’s toolbox!  Computerized Maintenance Management will enable you to gain control of your department’s time and activities.  To answer your question: as with any software purchase, it is difficult to know exactly what demands will be placed on your new Computerized Maintenance Management application as time goes on.  What you do know is that you have a requirement to do Preventive Maintenance Work Orders, Scheduled Work Orders, Inventory Control, or Purchase Orders right now!  Rather than struggle to define the future unknowns, it makes more sense to find Computerized Maintenance Management Software that can satisfy your immediate needs and that can be easily and seamlessly upgraded at a later date as your requirements dictate.

Starting small minimizes both your pain and your risk.  Smaller systems cost less.  Smaller systems are easier to install and implement.  The learning curve for a smaller system is greatly reduced.  Done properly, you can get a portion of your critical tasks defined and implemented today!

While searching for the appropriate Computerized Maintenance Management software, it is important to pay careful attention to the upgrade path details.  Do you need to convert to an improved version, significantly changing the Computerized Maintenance Management Software, or can you just add a new module and its capabilities to your current system?  The later method, obviously, requires minimum transition, while the former is closer to starting a new implementation all over again.

COGZ EZ is an example of Computerized Maintenance Management Software that minimizes your risk.  You can download, for free, a working copy of the program to try out for a limited time.  If you like what you see, you can begin using COGZ EZ Computerized Maintenance Management to actually run your operation.  You can explore the features and functions to see how they work in your daily environment.  If COGZ EZ fits your needs, you can easily continue running the program with your data, by purchasing a license after you have completed your free evaluation.  Remember, the faster you get started with your Computerized Maintenance Management Software, the faster you will be saving time and money.

As you can see, keeping things simple is your best option when selecting Computerized Maintenance Management Software.  Find a software program that is easy to use, easy to understand and implement, and also provides a very simple upgrade path if you should require future enhancements.  This will protect your investment, both in time and money, and minimize your risk.  Good luck with your plan to make your department more efficient.