CMMS Software – Finding Time to Implement

CMMS Software – Finding Time to Implement

Question: How do I find time to implement CMMS Software when I spend my entire day fighting fires?

  • Answer:  When you are in firefighting mode, things look pretty dim.  Help is not that far off, however.  If you think about it, most of your big, time guzzling problems come from a small percentage of your equipment.  Get those under control and you are well on your way to solving a major time consumer.Look for CMMS Software that:
    • is easy to implement and use
    • can be implemented in small steps (including one piece of equipment at a time)
    • doesn’t require a lot of data to get started

    Now you’re ready to start saving time.  Install the software and begin your implementation with the equipment that gives you the most problems.  Remember to Keep it Simple – the entire process should not take you more than a few hours.  Your goal is to get the system running, begin Preventive Maintenance on your equipment and help prevent new fires while at the same time providing the documentation you need to define the problems and costs.  When to start?  Today!

Question: OK, so I get a few pieces of equipment set up in the CMMS Software for Preventive Maintenance.  This seems like it will take forever.  What do I gain?

  • Answer:  Once preventive maintenance work orders are being generated for the first piece of equipment, the speed of the rest of your CMMS Software implementation will increase.  This is a direct result of the reduction in emergency work and will allow you more time to devote to the system.
    • Fewer breakdowns and unscheduled tasks means more time for constructive progress with your CMMS Software implementation and maintenance management routines.
    • After you have tackled the first equipment item, go on to the second biggest offender, then the third, and so forth.
    • Your initial effort will be measured in hours, the time savings measured in weeks or months! It won’t take long to ramp up to additional significant time savings.

    At this point, the money you save the company will be a nice bonus.  Imagine the savings when your CMMS Software is set up for all your equipment!

Question: Are there any other time saving benefits to be gained by implementing CMMS Software?

  • Answer:  Another time benefit is that your CMMS Software implementation makes your operation manageable.  There are many aspects to a maintenance operation:
    • Scheduling employees and work orders
    • Purchasing
    • Preventative maintenance
    • Corrective maintenance
    • Breakdown maintenance
    • Inventory control
    • Organizing project work

    All of these aspects are a major undertaking.  CMMS Software gives you the tools to manage your maintenance operation in an efficient and organized manner.