CMMS Performance Measurements and Key Performance Indicators

CMMS Performance Measurement & Key Performance Indicators

Back to Basics

CMMS software is a wonderful aid. It helps organize your maintenance department and lets you get ahead of the curve. Frequently, however, we get so involved in the daily demands that we forget to review the big picture. One of the frequently asked questions is “How do we measure performance?”

It seems simple to use measurements such as Number, Hours or Percent of Preventive Maintenance Work Orders completed. But are these really indicative of our progress towards the company’s goals? Do we really know whether our PM schedules are aligned with our Equipment maintenance requirements? PM schedules are, basically, best guesses – refined as we determine their effectiveness.

What we want to know is how much has our Equipment Availability increased over the previous period and how much is it costing us to maintain/improve on this availability? So, then, what are the Key Performance Indicators (KPI)?

Equipment Uptime, or Equipment Downtime (or lack thereof), seem like good places to start. In depth Downtime data can be captured and reported by COGZ with the optional Downtime Module.

Maintenance Department costs, including Purchasing and Labor, should also be compared to savings generated with Equipment performance.

The above are easily captured and reported, in the short term, with your COGZ CMMS Software. Overall company performance and Cost to replace worn Equipment also need to be factored into the longer range performance measurements.

Maintenance Department overall objectives are simple: Help your company decrease costs and increase profits. Your contribution to the bottom line can be very significant, if not critical!