COGZ Computerized Maintenance Management Integrates with PLC

Computerized Maintenance Management Integrates Easily with PLC Equipment

Having COGZ Computerized Maintenance Management Software to help manage your maintenance department is a great resource.  You and your company are already benefiting from the many time and cost saving features included in your Computerized Maintenance Management Software.  Since an increasing portion of your equipment may be controlled by PLCs (Programmable Logic Controllers) or other advanced computerized controllers, one simple way to increase the usefulness of your software is to integrate your PLC data into your COGZ Preventive Maintenance Schedule.

Why Integrate Computerized Maintenance Management Software with PLC managed Equipment?

If your equipment is run by a PLC, you most likely want to schedule its preventive maintenance based upon total run time.  Run time is controlled and accumulated by the PLC, and is usually available as some form of meter reading.  In one manual scenario, someone would gather the meter run time readings from each PLC and then enter them into the COGZ Equipment Form one by one.  Occasionally a reading or entry might be overlooked putting your preventive maintenance program, and your equipment, at risk.  A second scenario could improve upon this process by having the PLC Meter readings entered into a spreadsheet, and then importing these readings automatically into COGZ (Note that the Equipment Enhancement Module is required for the data import function).

Automated Meter Readings Enhance Accuracy

Alternatively, the process could be automated.  Automation would assure accurate and complete updates of the scheduled Equipment Meter Reading.  For quite some time, PLC and other computerized equipment controllers have had the ability to communicate with maintenance computers.  This information can be gathered into a file that is then automatically downloaded by COGZ Computerized Maintenance Management to update the equipment meter readings.

The automated process is more accurate, as no manual entry of meter readings is required.  Automating the process also means that a reading will not be accidentally skipped.  Skipped readings can mean delayed preventive maintenance which can then lead to breakdowns, so the advantages are clear.  Dependable readings also means you won’t have to perform Just In Case preventive maintenance.  This extra preventive maintenance effort is costly and unnecessary.

Integration Smooths the Preventive Maintenance Process

The Preventive Maintenance process in your maintenance department needs to be able to run smoothly and efficiently.  Unscheduled downtime due to breakdowns play havoc with your staff’s schedule.  Automating the equipment meter readings is another step in the process to gain control over your department, your staff, and your companies profits.

It is fortunate that today’s technology enables easy integration of your equipment PLCs with your COGZ Computerized Maintenance Management Software.