CMMS Software – What’s in it for me?

CMMS Software Benefits – What’s in it for Me?

With the demands placed on Maintenance Departments it is not unreasonable to ask “What’s in it for Me?” when looking for CMMS Software.  There are other stakeholders who might also inquire about the benefits in their areas.

Maintenance Manager

What’s in it for my maintenance operations?

Managing a Maintenance Department effectively can be extremely challenging when you are constantly responding to urgent calls.  With COGZ CMMS Software you have the tools to take control!

  • Managerial Intervention to operate COGZ is minimal; Input is fast and easy.
  • Graphical Work Order Reminder show status at a glance
  • Equipment status and history available at the touch of a Button.
  • Minimal time is needed for upkeep and PM operations.
  • Work Order Requests automatically documented upon user entry.


What’s in it for my company?

Achieving positive bottom line impact gets harder every year. Here is one place where it’s easy!  Surveys* have consistently shown a 10% to 20% reduction in maintenance labor costs, and a 10% to 15% reduction in parts cost after implementation of CMMS software. (*Thomas Marketing Information Center.) Some of our clients have reported as much as 50% savings in the first year.

  • Longer life for equipment means reduced labor and material costs.
  • Maintenance costs decrease and production increases.
  • Increased customer satisfaction means less customer turnover

IT Manager

What’s in it for my Network Administrator?

Not much!  Well, actually, no extra work.  COGZ CMMS Software is extremely IT friendly.  COGZ does not require server services, just a shared folder.  IT departments find COGZ quick to setup.

  • All setup and maintenance is done within the COGZ folder on the server.
  • Shortcuts on users’ client computers set up with a single click.
  • Only a single folder to update.
  • Most COGZ administration handled by main user, not IT.


What’s in it for my budget?

This is the easy part!  Not only will the Return on Investment (ROI) for your COGZ CMMS software be measured in weeks, as opposed to years, but the continuing cost savings are a controller’s delight.  Some of the cost savings can be found in the following areas:

  • Maintenance and production costs decrease
  • Reduced labor costs: direct maintenance, overtime maintenance, overtime production/staff, outside/contract
  • Reduced downtime/lost availability
  • Equipment lasts longer resulting in reduced replacement budget.