Total Productive Maintenance

Total productive maintenance gives an organization the power to allow their resources to work toward a common goal of efficiency.  Does it sound complex?  Maybe, but once tacit, total productive maintenance can help your staff achieve greater production efficiency.

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The goals of total productive maintenance are manufacturing based. Total reduced costs are a common thread in all aspects of the initiative.  Total maintenance involves the reform of the current organization to unlock, what may in fact be, hidden potential; likely to cause better involvement and support within the current resources.

The need for total productive maintenance becomes clear very quickly. This happens when branches that should be working with each other start to work against one another. This can be harmful to productivity.  Hence, this hurts total profit and the power of the company to compete in this now global market.  Total productive maintenance removes the pointing of blame and replaces it with productive fault analysis without the finger pointing. This permits those potential opposing forces in your firm to work with each other toward the goal of common order.

COGZ Simplifies Total Productive Maintenance

The total productive maintenance approach must be concerned with the assets of the firm.  With COGZ, it becomes a clear reality that is within grasp.  Areas for improvement are clearly defined.  Procedural changes are instant and easy to put in place.  You can see results with no delay.  This all happens with no trouble and simply because COGZ is the tool you need!

The staff works as a team toward common goals for their departments, sections, or even company sectors. This allows them to improve the total workings of the whole facility. As a result cross training becomes a process that brings about a multi-skilled staff. And while the staff is growing more skilled, current methods are studied, made more simple, or streamlined as needed. Total productive maintenance uses precise progress measurement so forward growth is observed.  You and the rest of the staff can see progress as it becomes clear that you are making headway.

The COGZ CMMS provides the needed documentation of progress in major productivity areas such as downtime and unscheduled labor usage.  All the management groups and their team members will be able to use COGZ CMMS as their monitoring tool. COGZ will also provide your maintenance operation with programmed planning of procedural changes and total development organization and management.  Download your copy now and see how COGZ is the total preventive maintenance tool you need.

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