Sanitation Scheduling Software

With COGZ sanitation scheduling software, your sanitation schedule becomes more flexible, easier to manage, and also to control.  You can now automate your master-cleaning schedule.  Cleaning can be done on set frequencies and be kept track of in an easy manner.  COGZ sanitation scheduling software will not let you forget those all-important periodic cleaning assignments.  Once installed, the sanitation scheduling software, you receive the needed reminders that a task is due.  You can even schedule it right to a plant sanitarian.  When completed, the sanitation scheduling software will reschedule based on the frequency you desire.  You will never lose even the very difficult tasks to schedule.  If incomplete the week you wanted it done, the sanitation scheduling software rolls it into each successive week until you complete it.

Once you complete a task, you can automatically reschedule it based on your set frequency once again. You can even give detailed instructions for cleaning. Often for some equipment it is necessary to disassemble it for cleaning.  You can list right on the sanitation scheduling software work order all the components to clean, with what solutions, and very specific instructions for assembly and disassembly.  No more lost or damaged parts or components during cleaning.  Become the most efficient and organized of your field.  Try the COGZ sanitation scheduling software free for 30 days and see how easy COGZ can work for you.

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Often in the plant sanitation field there can be a variety of jobs to do and each sanitarian may do the cleaning in a completely different way.  As the manager, you can spell out how you want your cleaning procedures done and they will come out in detail on the sanitation work order each time the job needs completion.  This way the job is done the way you want it.

Inspection scores will rise due to the good sanitary condition of your plant. No more scrambling last minute to gather records for the coming inspection.  No more weeks of long days getting ready for the coming inspection. Get everything done on a set schedule with the sanitation scheduling software.  A schedule you control.  You set the standards with the COGZ sanitation scheduling software.  You have written paper and computer records from your sanitation program that you are completing all your regulatory procedures and inspections. Your sanitation and janitorial service labor usage is in budget and you can plan expenditures so that they are accurate.

Walking through your plant will be a joy when everything is clean on schedule using COGZ sanitation scheduling software.  With a variety of integral preventive maintenance software features, why not let COGZ sanitation maintenance system work to benefit you and your entire organization?

Using COGZ, you will be amazed at the increased productivity and completion rate of your work orders and equipment preventive maintenance tasks.  Organization of your maintenance can finally be accomplished with COGZ working for you.  Improve the well-being of your employees and their production rate with use of COGZ.

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