Preventive Maintenance

Preventive Maintenance is a means by which you can anticipate and also prevent major failures of your equipment. The concept is that cyclic inspections and minor parts replacements will extend the life and running efficiency of your firm. What is preventive maintenance and what does it mean for your equipment management?

The early stages involved maintenance systems that were manual in nature. These manual systems require the use of forms, service sheets, and do scheduling manually by matching a needed task with a code that identified a frequency. Also, writing preventive maintenance tasks was almost non-existent for the work that was still in the process of completion. This was a difficult task because the system needed constant manual manipulation. Changes were difficult because it involved manual records. Record keeping was usually non-existent and reports would take considerable effort to compile. Needless to say, success rates of these systems were not very impressive and so the question “why preventive maintenance fails” is fairly easy to answer.  COGZ, on the other hand, makes it easy to create a successful program.

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As computer technology advanced, however, the use of PM software has become the preferred way of having an optimal management system. Solving many problems in the administration of a system takes no effort, as we can see an evolution has taken place and the benefits of preventive maintenance are now apparent. This demands more of your staff in less time. Budget constraints and corporate downsizing has reduced your usable resources. Efficient PM and work order systems have now become more important than ever before, especially with implementing preventive programs. You can minimize software maintenance with a powerful, stable operational management system. A good program will contain a PM task library and all the needed variables that are important to your operation, yet be simple enough for anyone to use.

With software implementation, you can be ensured your work orders will be completed. With the right software achieving operation organization is easy, preventive maintenance for buildings, facilities, plants, and numerous other industry setups. The first step is simply realizing the vast number of advantages to implementing a program that will enable your entire operation to flow smoothly. There are so many reasons to start using COGZ today. Why not begin to utilize them to see how things can be changed in your department as well as your entire company? See the numerous preventive maintenance benefits with COGZ working for your management organizational and operational needs!

COGZ is an industry leader in preventive maintenance software program having thousands of customers around the globe. Our implementation team can assist you in the startup of your system or perform preventive maintenance audit. Work with us to determine your needs and setup information. We can help you understand you get started working with the right program for you. Just ask us!

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