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Predictive Maintenance Software

The ability to predict equipment failure has become an accessory to a good preventive maintenance program. Equipment manufacturers can provide some basic tasks that need to be accomplished on a regular basis to extend the life of equipment components. The manufacturers cannot; however, provide accurate predictions as to the life of equipment.  Predictive maintenance software will notify you to replace parts before they fail.  You no longer need to worry if your preventive maintenance tasks that require the use of parts will be completed because COGZ equips you with many powerful tools and features to completely automate your predictive maintenance software management.  Download your free trial of COGZ predictive maintenance software now and reap all the benefits of your own predictive maintenance management routine.

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COGZ predictive maintenance software enables you to assign preventive maintenance tasks to effectively protect your equipment by continually issuing preventive maintenance work orders when they are due to limit equipment failures and sustain a more productive maintenance routine. This will ensure that you will not miss an important work order for your equipment maintenance management.

All equipment has a predictable life span.  The variables in run time, running speed, what type of environment the equipment is running in, any abusive treatment the equipment may have or is receiving, all have an impact on the life span of the equipment. The key to predictive maintenance software lies in the use of the failure history. Without a reliable history to base the prediction on, the scheduling of predictive maintenance software becomes guesswork.  With COGZ, analysis of the failure histories is simple, easy to find, and track. Simply review the failure histories in your program and look for repeated failures.  When parts have just plain worn out from use, a pattern of time between failures will become evident.  So, when a pattern of failure is obvious in the history of the preventative predictive maintenance software, you can setup the needed procedure to prevent the failure. With the view of total prevention in mind, you can write a procedure in your maintenance software that replaces the part before it fails.  The result is, that failure never happens again!  You are now predicting failures that have not yet happened, in effect seeing into the future, and preventing costly equipment breakdowns by making the repairs before the breakdown happens. COGZ predictive maintenance software enables you to accomplish all of this in a simple and efficient manner with virtually nothing needed for training predictive maintenance software to your system users.

Using COGZ for your work order needs, is sure to improve your overall management and company organization. Knowing that your equipment tasks are managed and completed because they have been regularly scheduled increased the productive rate of your employees.  Let COGZ work with you to create this stable environment.

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