COGZ CMMS Overview

Welcome to the COGZ CMMS overview.  This overview of COGZ CMMS Software allows you to see many of the COGZ design features and the design philosophy used to create and enhance the COGZ CMMS.  There is nothing like COGZ CMMS life cycle equipment assessment for your maintenance.

CMMS – Preventive Maintenance Complete Overview

  • The complete document outlining COGZ design philosophy.

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CMMS – Preventive Maintenance Indexed Overview

CMMS Software Design Philosophy

  • The most important “feature” of COGZ Maintenance Management Software is Ease Of Use!

CMMS Program Improves Maintenance Performance?

  • Organizes Your Department
  • Makes Your Operation Manageable
  • Reduces Your Workload
  • What is it REALLY?
  • Who is Going to Make Your CMMS Successful?
  • Selling the Advantages of the System to Your Maintenance Department
  • What Size Plant should Install a System?

CMMS Software Benefits

  • Why Install a CMMS?
  • Improve Your Quality
  • Reduce Your Waste
  • Reduce Your Energy Consumption
  • Extend Your Equipment Life
  • Employee Training
  • Reduce Your Employee Turnover
  • Improve the Safety of Your Employees and Equipment
  • Your Additional Cost Reductions

CMMS Implementation and Maintenance Training

  • In-house or Consultants?
  • Staffing Requirements
  • Coding System for Your Maintenance Personnel
  • Building Your Database, the Heart of Your System
  • Time Required to Fully Implement the System

CMMS Evolution – Improving your Preventive Maintenance System

  • Inventory comes with time, but it is one of the most important aspects of a CMMS system.
  • Evolution of Your System
  • Continuous cycle of improving database
  • Breakdown analysis and PM modifications are essential to a good operating system.
  • The Failure Report
  • Your Main Objective
  • Improve your profitability
  • Keeping it simple