Maintenance Training

Today’s higher technology is putting greater demands on organization and requires that departmental diversity command more attention than ever before. Maintenance training becomes vital! COGZ software can help.

Maintenance training then becomes an essential part of the structure of your maintenance management. For managers, maintenance training can be a challenge. But it is a challenge that if not met with full concentration will not be effective. A key point to remember is that the people you have are your best resources. The better expertise they have, the better you will operate. The key is to identify each one’s strengths and concentrate your maintenance training on these. If you do this, you will quickly have experts in a variety of trades to balance with the other skills they already possess.

Try to fight the natural inclination to look only at a person’s weakest ability. Usually it is a weakness for a reason and although some maintenance training can be beneficial in the weak areas, that exact area may be a weak spot for the employee. So, bring your people to their fullest ability in their strong areas first. Then provide cultivation in their weakest areas. Usually you will have enough variety in people to cover all your needs. In others, one’s strengths offset another’s weaknesses.

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How does COGZ software help? Automating some instruction is easy using the task library and especially with the attach notes feature. You can use this as a maintenance training log to give specific details of various procedures needed to make proper repairs. Then each time those procedures need completion, attaching a training note to the procedure and preparation is automatic. For formalized maintenance training, outlines for specific training can be put into the task library and scheduled the same way preventive maintenance tasks are scheduled.

This is especially important for the maintenance training that needs to be renewed on a periodic basis. Using COGZ for scheduling your employee groundwork just like it would schedule a preventive maintenance task, ensures that instruction will take place properly and on schedule. This is important especially when your company receives periodic audits, whether from an internal source or from an outside audit program or even regulatory inspections, your scheduling and documentation are all important to be able to provide quickly and easily.

COGZ can make it simple and easy for you to schedule and document all the preparation needed for your operation, giving you the highest skill level possible for your entire department. This will increase your department productivity and improve your overall company operation. With your employees knowing what and when things need to be completed, scheduling is simply and effectively done. COGZ will work with you to meet your goals!

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