Maintenance Programme for Your CMMS Management!

Maintenance Programme

Every maintenance operation contains a variety of functions that make up the whole.  To have an effective computerized maintenance programme, all of these functions must be contained within the maintenance programme package and be interconnected so the various functions are able to completely work together for your operation.  COGZ computerized maintenance programme contains all of the needed functions with the greatest amount of flexibility in implementation so that it becomes a maintenance system customized to your operational needs.

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A good example of this is in the maintenance programme setup menu section.  Contained there are lists of user-defined choices for various fields that define what categories your operation is broken into for the purpose of cost history and report structures.  This is a vital benefit of the COGZ maintenance programme and gives you, the customer, the ability to use terms that you are familiar with and that apply to the way your current maintenance programme works.  There is no need to learn different terminology or change your terminology to suit the COGZ software.  This is especially vital when you use the reports to track your labor and material costs.  It allows viewing these costs from the maintenance programme by account codes, department codes, cost center codes, line codes, and more.  All of these can be utilized so you can define the exact terms as applied to your current maintenance programme.  This makes maintenance with COGZ the right choice for you!

The other vital point to consider with a maintenance programme has to do with ease of use.  The maintenance programme can be as simple or as complex as you want to make it.  But, either way, if it is not easy to use, if those actually inputting data find the software cumbersome to use in any way, then the chances for complete success are affected.  The COGZ software will be the simplest and easiest to use of any maintenance programme and will still not suffer any loss of functions of usability.  This is because of design and functionality within the system.  COGZ is designed with your user in mind.  No difficult to use functions anywhere in COGZ, just simple easy to follow menu’s that bring you easily to each section of the system.  Each of the varying functions in the system work in a similar way so once you know functions in one place in the software, you see them repeated in other places.

With it’s many options and capabilities that you can use for your all-around management of your entire operation, using COGZ will provide you with the advantage and organization that will have your company and it’s departments fully maintained.  All of the features available to you can create a custom system that will meet your requirements and give you a means to finally get your operation under control.  Try COGZ in your facility free for 30 days.  See it work for you!

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