Maintenance – Required for Profitable Industrial Operation!


Maintenance of equipment is required for every type of business and industry.  Whether needed as a CMMS for refineries, for hotel chains as hotel maintenance software, bakery maintenance programs, or even for maintenance of large fleet applications as automotive maintenance software or trucking maintenance software, COGZ CMMS will work for you even if you need aviation maintenance software for your specific operation!

Different types of businesses have needs that may vary with their specific problems and sometimes even with their very uniquely detailed CMMS medical equipment preventative maintenance software solutions or need of heavy equipment maintenance software. With COGZ CMMS, there is no need to worry about having to “tailor make” a software package to suit your individual business requirements, for example if electrical preventive maintenance software or power plant maintenance programs are needed. Your CMMS operators, those that will use the program, do not need to be computer geniuses. Many computer illiterates are COGZ users. COGZ CMMS has “setup” functions that allow the flexibility you need to apply to your specific tasks and goals for extremely accomplished maintenance mechanics programs. This is built-in to the software, so there is no necessity to pay for custom programming to use COGZ for aircraft maintenance management. Your COGZ maintenance software CMMS is so designed. Due to the incredible diversity in today’s market, flexibility is needed. Everyone has needs to label terminology their own way. With COGZ systems, translation into other languages is possible and even the customization of existing terminology within the program or field names can be manipulated to use whatever verbiage that is essential to your particular business or industry. Even CMMS failure codes can be user-defined. You do not have to adapt your terminology to what a programmer thinks a function should be called. So while CMMS opinions vary greatly, COGZ is special in the ability to be fully flexible for whatever the specific requirement. Optional modules to add to the existing capabilities are available if you find that your operation has advanced to the point of needing additional features and uses for your CMMS.

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Notice some of the possible business industries listed below that can be served by COGZ CMMS. COGZ can be used as aviation maintenance management; electrical maintenance programs; yacht maintenance software; hotel maintenance program; and the list goes on and on. No matter what business or industry you are part of, COGZ CMMS can be your solution to effective management and CMMS software solutions.

Maintenance Management