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Facility Maintenance Software

Let COGZ Facility Maintenance Software, CMMS, solve your maintenance needs! Trying to maintain control of your facility can be complicated, but utilizing COGZ facility maintenance system ensures that your issues will be resolved. COGZ equips you with powerful tools and features to completely automate your facility equipment management by minimizing operator input during startup and normal operations. With the right facility maintenance software, know that organized maintenance is not too hard to accomplish. Finally, you can take control of your facility preventive maintenance!

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Trying to organize all of your facility equipment maintenance from each academic building, laboratory, or residential dormitory located in your university facility? COGZ aids you in sustaining your facility buildings and the components within them before they become an immediate problem to be rectified. From dealing with unplanned tenant issues such as broken windows or clogged plumbing to routine checking of all your structural foundations such as walls or floors, you can be certain that COGZ will meet your requirements. Never miss repairing your heating and cooling systems, sprinklers, waste management system, or any other facet of your entire operation or grounds again. You can rest assured that with COGZ facilities maintenance programs your equipment tasks will be completed whether it is preventative maintenance or breakdown. From universities and colleges to city buildings, city parks and recreational grounds, COGZ facilities maintenance systems can be quickly and efficiently setup to keep you on top of your facility maintenance programs.

With the preventive tasks you assign to your equipment, you can effectively protect your buildings, grounds, and their components by continually issuing preventive maintenance work orders with COGZ for such things as replacing your grounds sprinkler system or updating your parking lot lighting system. This will ensure that you will not miss an important work order for your facilities maintenance program management. With your preventive tasks scheduled by frequency of days, miles, or meters, you can always be sure that nothing will be overlooked. Even if you cannot get to all of your preventive maintenance tasks within your current cycle, they will automatically be regenerated until completed. Any duplicates will also be deleted. With COGZ industrial maintenance preventative programs, feel confident that your work order tasks will be organized as well as completed. With minimal industrial maintenance training necessary, your entire operation will be completely and efficiently maintained fairly quickly with the intuitive interface provided.

With a variety of integral preventive maintenance software features, you will be a professional facility maintenance software system. Why not let COGZ facilities maintenance buildings software system provide you with your facilities maintenance schedule and building facility maintenance?

With so many options and capabilities, COGZ can provide you with a secure program to meet your management organizational needs. Company objectives can finally be met with just the implementation of COGZ CMMS to maintain control of your work order scheduling and completion. COGZ works to benefit you!

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