Facility Maintenance Management

Man-hour usage is always an issue in facility maintenance management. You always want to make sure your facility maintenance management remains on top of your equipment maintenance organization and routine schedules. Often the amount of workload in hours required to operate exceeds the man hours available on your staff. So your only choices become to hire more staff for your facility maintenance management, or spread out the frequencies for your scheduled tasks. You have to be careful if you choose the latter, some of the tasks contained in your facility maintenance management system may be too important to extend the frequency. If you extend those frequencies, then facility maintenance management will suffer an increase in failures.

Many situations cause inefficient use of your available man-hours. For example, scheduling work to be done and dispatching the crew out to work on the job only to find the job as figured cannot be completed and extra parts are needed. This is a tremendous waste of resources every time this happens. Though there are no guarantees this will never happen with COGZ facility maintenance management software, occurrences should be reduced dramatically as the planning functions of your systems are used. When the job is planned and the materials ordered before the job is scheduled and your program can inform you when all is ready to go for that job, then your efficiency will increase dramatically. You can see and test these functions with the free trial version of COGZ.

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How do we determine if we have a proper balance in work load and man hours in our facility maintenance management system? The first step is contained within the initial setup of your facility maintenance management program.

When setting the frequencies for your tasks, a realistic estimated time must also be applied. Once all the needed tasks and estimated times are contained in your facility maintenance management system, then you can compare the totals against your available man-hours. Obviously, when first starting out, scheduling all available man-hours will not work. There is still much unscheduled work coming. To be able to schedule fifty percent of the available man-hours is a good start. Once the facility maintenance management system has been operating for a while, you can increase that percentage. Thinking in terms of man-hours helps you to schedule in a very efficient manner and allows you to track the improvements you make as your total facility maintenance management systems grow. By utilizing COGZ facility maintenance management software you can always be sure of your frequency scheduling for your PM tasks within your operation.

Now you are able to maintain control over your company-wide PM tasks for your equipment. Easily organize and schedule for departmental needs or just to stay on top of incoming tasks. Even get to other work that might not have been possible without COGZ. Dispatch work orders with minimum effort. There are many things that can now be accomplished with CMMS from COGZ!

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