Computerized Maintenance Management – Efficiency for Your Operation

Computerized Maintenance Management

Why is computerized maintenance management the trend in today’s industry? Better computerized maintenance management scheduling is one reason and you can replace the maintenance log book. Software makes all the difference in your operation! With computerized maintenance management, the scheduling and planning time for every job decreases. This means more is accomplished and a smaller list of jobs is waiting to be done simply with the computerized maintenance benefits. More completed jobs mean fewer breakdowns for you and your facility routine operations.

Computerized maintenance management also allows for efficient scheduling with regard to available parts. Only jobs with parts available are scheduled. Parts associated with jobs are linked together. This results in fewer schedule changes and less time spent waiting for materials. At the same time jobs that are waiting for parts are grouped for follow-up. There is no question if the part is on order or not. A quick scan through the job list and your follow-up is complete. You are aware of the status of all of your work.

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The result is, computerized maintenance program makes your operation more efficiently run with a lower cost to operate, also creating better scheduling in the area of routine schedules. No more questions if routine tasks have been accomplished. Computerized maintenance systems allow the work history to be viewed, even flagging incomplete tasks for follow-up. Utilize the program effectively for informative reports and work order standing on your completed tasks to provide you with your current routine assignment status. With a computerized maintenance and inspection program working with your scheduling department, you now have a source for valuable PM task information.

A computerized maintenance management program takes the guess work out of your scheduling processes. With the many benefits of computerized maintenance management, you can be sure there will be no more shooting from the hip when you use CMMS software. No more assigning work only to discover you don’t have the parts in stock for the job. Those important routines that keep things running and extend the life of equipment, computerized maintenance management systems help you to be sure they are completed. Let COGZ create such routines for your computer preventative maintenance in your facility operation! With minimal computerized maintenance training, you can be utilizing your computerized maintenance software fairly quickly to start getting your routines on track.

Even after the initial computerized maintenance implementation, you can begin generating work orders for needed organization of your equipment to prevent even further downtime. See the many benefits of computerized maintenance planning programs and how it can work for you. With an entire facility utilizing COGZ, feel confidence build as your work overload becomes completely manageable to maintain with an efficient and effective system fully in place.

With a complete integration of COGZ CMMS, know that you will no longer have piles of work that never seems to be accomplished. Now know that you can get to other things and improve upon current company workings, just with the right software. Let COGZ work with you to reach these goals!

Computerized Maintenance Management System