CMMS Software

Searching for CMMS Software?  Are you finding there are too many CMMS systems to choose from?  How do you know which CMMS system will be right for you?  Look no further; COGZ CMMS provides all the needed functions for you to operate an efficient cost conscious maintenance operation.  COGZ CMMS is organization for your maintenance!  From preventive maintenance and work order systems, to inventory and purchasing operations; from report systems to equipment and cost history, and numerous other capabilities, COGZ CMMS will benefit your entire maintenance operation.  All the needed elements are found contained within the COGZ CMMS system.

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COGZ CMMS Software Benefits:

  • Low initial investment makes COGZ CMMS affordable and easy to justify.
  • Timely implementation – no need to wait long to see results.
  • Minimal input time – your staff can be productive, not tied to a desk for long weekly inputs in the CMMS system.
  • Cost effective operation – your maintenance costs actually go down with COGZ.
  • Reduction in breakdown time – proper maintenance means fewer breakdowns, your productivity will rise with increasing uptime.
  • Extended equipment life with proper and timely care.
  • Organized repair procedures make equipment repairs right the first time.
  • Inventory contains parts needed, not just parts taking up space in the stock room.
  • Cost oriented purchasing – multiple vendor selection means an available parts cost comparison.
  • More efficient labor usage with proper job planning.

The COGZ CMMS system will provide these benefits and more.  Use COGZ free for thirty days and you will see these benefits are true and can be achieved by your maintenance department.

The COGZ CMMS stands out among Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS) in that it takes very little time to use and implement; therefore, reducing the costs often associated with operating maintenance software.

The benefits of using a CMMS software are universally known.  It is also important to minimize any cost of operating a CMMS by using an easy and quick to use CMMS software.  This is where COGZ low cost CMMS Software excels!

  • Savings from maintenance use
  • Cost to operate maintenance
  • True cost savings

COGZ offers so many options from which to choose so you can build the most effective and capable program to meet you entire company needs!

CMMS Software