CMMS Training

CMMS training needs with the COGZ program are kept to a minimum. Many times it is asked how to setup a preventative maintenance program? Formal CMMS training can be helpful, but often your key COGZ operating technician can provide the rest of your staff with the CMMS training they need for the success of the program. Although eventually detailed CMMS training will always be useful, much of that CMMS training does not have to be the technical operation of COGZ initially. So do not let that stop the progress of implementation. It is more important for your technicians to understand what the system will accomplish and how it affects them. That way they can believe in the program which helps to ensure its success. That can be accomplished by providing them with your anticipated goals in using the system and how it makes their job more organized and less stressful as the benefits of COGZ CMMS manifest themselves. So get started right away.

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Using the COGZ manual, you can get the basic idea of the various setup options available for you. Using codes that you already use or new ones that make sense to you, you can get all of your equipment logged. Then using one of the COGZ CMMS prominent features, the PM Wizard, it is easy to launch your PM system. You can use any of the industry standard tasks included with the program, or input your own tasks. Either way, COGZ CMMS is up-and-running quickly and efficiently. Try it now for thirty days free!

These are Some Key Factors in CMMS Training:

If your maintenance department does not believe in and understand the system, you may hear the familiar excuse that “there was no time to do preventative maintenance.” Even the simplest preventive maintenance tasks can prevent minor problems from developing into major breakdowns. Get your maintenance department involved from the beginning! Keep them informed. CMMS training consultants can play a part in the initial setup of the system, but do not expect them to fully implement it. You are what makes the system work!

The simplicity of COGZ will evolve the CMMS training. Preventative maintenance improves as you use the system. In other words, use of and experience with COGZ as it is used, provides your staff with needed CMMS training as you evolve with the system. CMMS training can be an automatic result of using the COGZ system. With the right program, setup and installation are simple and your program users can easily acclimate themselves with the interface and program workings. As they become COGZ users, they understand how things work together to create an entire environment for equipment maintenance. With the user-friendly program setup, users will be up-and-running easily. Why not let COGZ work for you to make your maintenance management achievable?

CMMS Training