CMMS Success

Although most CMMS systems provide all the required management tools to bring your systems to a complete CMMS success, COGZ Systems leads the way in operational success.  Your CMMS success is our business! What makes us the leader?  While the competition wonders why their CMMS fail, they market hard to convince you to purchase and use software which often ends up taking up space on the hard drive, without giving you, the customer, the needed benefits of a fast, efficient implementation.  With COGZ, CMMS success for your operational issues blend right into a good and effective computerized maintenance management operation. That makes your CMMS success guaranteed!  All software requires a measure of setup and implementation; however, with some of the unique features available in COGZ, you will find it is designed to ease the learning curve enabling a smooth and efficient setup for your CMMS success.  That is because our staff brings experience from the front lines.  We have lived the life of Plant Engineers and Maintenance Managers.  We know that each company has its own unique methods of operation, sometimes making adapting to a rigid software environment very difficult. Our experience has made COGZ unique in that it had to be flexible enough to accommodate even very precise operations, yet still powerful enough to accomplish all the needed functions. We have succeeded in doing just that very thing.  That is what will make your CMMS success with COGZ a sure thing.  Why not see for yourself and download the free evaluation version of the software?  Experience a true CMMS success story in your company!

Free Trial – Start Using Immediately!

What if you need help?  What other technical support line can you call and talk to a real person?  Most phone system menus give frustrating choices and their wait times add to the squandering of your precious time.  The COGZ technical support team realizes your need for quick answers and you get to talk to a real person very quickly.  Yes, a real person, without long frustrating wait times.

COGZ improves your chances of making a CMMS success story out of your CMMS implementation. We will assist moving your CMMS work towards completion in the best possible way to enhance your current operational procedures.  Automating your Preventive Maintenance Work Orders to make “simplicity” a key element in your CMMS installation. Where else can you find a low cost CMMS that can be as effective as COGZ? Join our ever growing list of satisfied customers and reap the benefits now of turning your operation into the smooth “ticking clock” that is so desired in this competitive market. Working with COGZ, you can ensure that your management operation is effectively scheduled and maintained. You will know that your equipment maintenance is being completed as work orders are closed and your operation is routinely working for completion of preventive maintenance tasks. COGZ offers you many features and options to always keep your department and company on task. Your CMMS success is important to us!