CMMS Overview

Welcome to the COGZ CMMS overview.  This overview of COGZ CMMS Software allows you to see many of the COGZ design features as well as the design philosophy used to create and enhance COGZ CMMS.  Also, allowing us to answer the question, what is preventative maintenance?

The most important “feature” of COGZ CMMS software is ease of use!  The purpose of CMMS software is to not be difficult and time consuming, but to free up the time of your maintenance staff.  Often one of the major objections to CMMS is that management does not want to have highly skilled important technicians sitting at a desk “playing on the computer.”  A CMMS overview would probably benefit management so an awareness is created of the importance of computerized maintenance management software.

With COGZ, there is no need to worry about losing or wasting time managing your CMMS maintenance software. A CMMS overview of our design philosophy is to keep it simple to implement and then simple to use so your CMMS program becomes an integral part of your every day operation.  No “playing on the computer,” just efficient use of available resources.  How can we confidently say that?  Because COGZ was designed by maintenance engineers, for maintenance engineers.  We know what is important and have made those features stand out. Less important features are there but not in the way, making COGZ so easy to use.  You can also use only features that you need.  You are not forced into using features that do not apply to your operation.

Free Trial – Start Using Immediately!

Note some of the basic design criteria used by COGZ programmers to develop this highly efficient CMMS software:

  • Minimal learning curve required.
  • Quick and easy to setup.
  • Easy to use with powerful features.
  • Minimal time required to operate.
  • Bullet-proof software system, simple to install or maintain even on a network.

With the COGZ CMMS preventive maintenance program, you are able to launch your maintenance management system promptly, propelling your current maintenance programs organization into a leading role in your company’s future and providing the most efficient economical maintenance staff in your industry.  Ease of use and setup makes COGZ CMMS the answer for which you are looking.  With the CMMS recommendation of COGZ, feel confident in your maintenance management again.  CMMS demos are available for you to download from COGZ CMMS on-line.  COGZ CMMS will improve the life cycle of your equipment, saving overall costs, not only maintenance costs, but the overall cost of your now efficient operation.  When you download the COGZ CMMS free trial software for thirty days, we are confident you will agree that COGZ is the CMMS for you!

Seeing the completion rate of your equipment work order tasks is bound to alleviate issues that might have been apparent for some time in your management operation.  Remove these issues and be able to get other organizational tasks and schedules completed on a regular basis just using the COGZ program for your maintenance management needs.  COGZ will work for you!

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