CMMS Implementation

COGZ fully integrated software package makes your CMMS implementation a smooth progression of organizational improvements. Following is just a few areas to give consideration to during CMMS implementation and determining how to setup a CMMS maintenance program that meets your facility requirements.

Coding System for Your Maintenance Personnel:

When setting up a coding system during CMMS implementation, try to use meaningful codes that will be easy to remember, codes that make sense to your industry that everyone can recognize. Many times the machine codes chosen for your CMMS implementation will be setup to conform to the accounting systems at the facility. Do this only if necessary. Do not forget your main objective for your CMMS implementation. Keep it simple, you do not want your maintenance technicians hunting through lists of codes that mean virtually nothing to them. Remember, if it is easy to use, it will be successful.

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Preventive Maintainance Tasks:

Using the task library in the COGZ setup menu is a vital step in your CMMS implementation. You will notice a comprehensive list of industry standard tasks already compiled and ready for you to use. A quick scan of these included tasks will allow you to delete those, which do not apply to your equipment. This review of tasks will also identify what you need to add for tasks. This way the task library is adjusted to your needs. Adding the tasks can be done quickly and easily right in the COGZ setup menu.

CMMS Implementation by Building Your Database, the Heart of Your System:

It is common to underestimate the importance of the database. This is where all information will be stored detailing your operation. Using COGZ, CMMS implementation can progress rapidly with the help of the PM Wizard, copy equipment function, and the CMMS standard PM task library. Using these methods with your CMMS implementation, it is not uncommon to have an operating PM system within days, even hours, after installing the software.

COGZ makes your CMMS implementation as painless as possible. The most important part (the PM system), is the easiest portion of your CMMS implementation with COGZ. Once preventive maintenance work orders are being accomplished, the speed of the rest of your CMMS implementation will increase as a result of a reduction in emergency work that will allow more time to devote to the system. Fewer breakdowns and unscheduled tasks means more time for constructive progress with your CMMS and maintenance management routines.

Using COGZ has it’s benefits. The initial setup is extremely easy and straight forward. With so many features that provide a way to quickly setup equipment tasks like the preventive maintenance wizard and the copy equipment options, easily start working with COGZ immediately. With our 30 day free trial, you can see for yourself how COGZ can work to benefit you!

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