CMMS Improves Your Maintenance Management

CMMS Benefits

Reduce your plant maintenance and operating costs with COGZ CMMS benefits! With the COGZ CMMS benefits you can properly maintain your machines to minimize downtime.  Maintenance costs decrease and even your production costs decrease!  Fewer stoppages of your operation means using equipment more efficiently and not wasting raw material due to breakdowns. Meet your planned schedules quickly and effectively with CMMS benefits.  Imagine production costs going down.  Hard to believe maybe, but why not?  If the benefits to your operation are an increase in the efficient use of all labor and materials, you will reduce operating costs.

That can and will be the result of your COGZ CMMS benefits to your all-around maintenance management.  CMMS also reduces your waste.  Imagine how with proper maintenance, your machines can operate without stoppage and how that alone can help reduce waste in your facility.  The list goes on and on with the features of COGZ CMMS.

You also reduce your long-term maintenance operating costs with COGZ CMMS benefits!  How?  By minimizing your breakdowns and emergency repairs and at the same time lowering emergency expenditures, your can lower your costs for purchased parts; hence, inventory-holding costs are lower.  Parts and components have a longer life span.  Every operation has materials and parts that are just expended because of how they need to be abused. You just write them off because so far, there is no better way.  Just think, longer life for them means reduced costs, usually in both labor and materials.

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Another benefit is you can reduce your outside contractor costs with CMMS since the maintenance department has more time for preventative maintenance procedures.  Many preventative maintenance tasks that are now done by contractors can now be completed in-house.  With COGZ in place, this is easily accomplished.

When repair technicians have to do nothing but answer relentless breakdown calls, their work performance will drop.  Yet when breakdowns are lessened and more of their work is properly planned, their interest can grow. They may even become integral forces for the success of your CMMS.

So the bottom line is, with the numerous benefits of COGZ CMMS, you can expect an overall reduction in your maintenance operation cost due to organization and efficiency of the CMMS.  By better planning of your jobs, COGZ CMMS helps you get them done correctly the first time and in a timely manner with minimal call backs.

Could there be even more benefits to COGZ CMMS?  Absolutely!  What about improving your quality?  With COGZ, the consistent operation of your machinery will improve product quality.  The setup and operation of your equipment is more accurate resulting in less equipment startup failures with your preventive maintenance system properly in place and utilized effortlessly with your entire maintenance team.

Try your free evaluation version of COGZ today and see how the benefits can be an asset to your entire facility maintenance management CMMS routine!