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COGZ building maintenance software offers a fully integrated management system that includes work order planning and scheduling, preventive maintenance with building task libraries, inventory, purchasing, and full report software systems; exactly what you need to effectively manage whatever challenges your operation offers.  COGZ building maintenance software is the product of many years of maintenance experience.  This experience provides you with a building maintenance software that is user friendly and fits into your form of management.  Trying to maintain control of your equipment can be complicated, but utilizing COGZ building maintenance software ensures that your issues can and will be resolved, so you can create an effective routine.  COGZ building maintenance software equips you with powerful tools and features to completely automate your maintenance management.  Download your free trial of COGZ and see the benefits of building maintenance software for yourself with your thirty day evaluation.  No doubt you will agree that COGZ is a complete building management software that can give you a needed edge in this competitive world.  Finally, you can take control of your building preventive maintenance!

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Trying to organize all of your maintenance for each floor, apartment, or company located in your building? COGZ building maintenance program assists you in sustaining your entire structure and the components within it before they become an immediate problem to be rectified.  From dealing with unplanned tenant issues such as leaky faucets or clogged drains to routine checking of all your structural foundations such as walls or floors, you can be certain that COGZ will meet your requirements.  Never miss repairing your roof, elevator, furnace, or any other facet of your edifice again. COGZ can be efficiently setup to keep you on top of your building maintenance business plan.  COGZ provides you with organization for your building inventory equipment location.  CMMS from COGZ creates structure with effective apartment maintenance programs for your complete edifice management.

COGZ preventive building maintenance software will become your standard of operation as you bring your organization to its highest achievable level.  COGZ will schedule both routine preventive maintenance and repair work orders simply and easily, making the progression of completed work continuous and keeping management informed as work is complete.  Rather than get frustrated and annoyed with mundane tasks and the inability to keep track of all your equipment, with COGZ it is easy to automate practically everything you need to do.  You can even keep track of all your tools.  So the frustration is a thing of the past and work is a joy as you watch the progression of improvements that COGZ brings to your schedule management.  This can even be done with minimal training required of your employees so you can get your program setup moving incredibly quick from the initial onset of your installation.

With the tasks you assign to your equipment, you can effectively protect your building and components by continually issuing preventive maintenance work orders with COGZ for such things as replacing your water heater or updating your electrical system.  This will ensure that you will not miss an important work order for your equipment.  With your preventive maintenance tasks scheduled by frequency of days, miles, or meters, you can always be sure that nothing will be overlooked.  Even if you cannot get to some of your preventive tasks within your current cycle, they will automatically be regenerated until completed, creating a comprehensive management schedule.  With CMMS available for you routine operations, COGZ building maintenance software can provide you with a means of creating management programs to fulfill your requirements.

With a variety of integral program features, why not let COGZ preventative maintenance for buildings work to benefit you and replace your outdated building maintenance plan and manual building maintenance record systems?

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